Thanks to our professionalism, we, at MCD, are at the service of Companies and guarantee direct coordination of the worksite operations.

Unique and specialised contact persons for worksite meetings, State of Progress of the Works, logistic coordination and laying works.
Direct supply of products with supervision and assurance on laying on site.
Dedicated after-installation tests.
Development and supply of electrical and water installation diagrams for kitchens and bathrooms.
Assessment, logistic management, handover and laying on site (interior part) carried out by in-house teams dedicated to worksite operations with equipment, assurance and qualifications pursuant to the law.
Customisation and Management of the project variants requested by the clients, in compliance with the state of progress of the works and upon feasibility request to the company.
Management of the purchase and onsite laying of the lining in synergy with the Company.
Optimisation of the state of progress of the works times under the full management of Milano Contract District.
Maximum quality and professionalism, assured by MCD’s top brands, operating in synergy with the Company to optimise the client's choices as regards: ceramics (Florim), hard wood floor (Listone Giordano), doors (Lualdi), sanitary appliances, taps and faucets (Gessi), lighting (Flos), staircases (Fontanot), painting (Oikos), kitchen installations (Ernestomeda) and bathrooms installations (Gessi), positioning wardrobes in recesses or wardrobe cabinets and laundry areas (LEMA).
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