7 February 2019

MCD reviewed among the innovative platforms recognized by the first PROPTECH observatory of the Politecnico di Milano which since 2016 has been monitoring the companies that are modifying the Real Estate market (proptech) with their services.

Digital applications and big data are at the heart of real estate: they attract investments and change the face of the market. Italy, for once, is fully in the game, as evidenced by the permanent observatory Proptech Monitor of the Politecnico di Milano, which has cataloged 43 start-ups active in this segment. “The big data and the algorithms that analyze them are decisive at various levels,” said Stefano Bellintani, a professor at the Polytechnic among the heads of the observatory, during a conference on sharing economy and proptech organized in Milan by the Nctm law firm. «If we think of urban planning, the concept of smart city now requires the use of sophisticated algorithms and software, no longer the old topographical maps. While in terms of asset classes that capture investments, the most promising are data centers, where data is physically stored ».
And yet it is precisely in the most traditional sector of all, residential, that innovation succeeds in expanding the range of services to all players in the supply chain, from end users of the sale to large and small investors, through agents and property management companies . Only in the last year have three new lending crowdfunding initiatives started (Concrete, Trusters, Ethical Performance). A franchise like Tecnocasa, thanks to a recent partnership with Whuis and Cerved, is equipping its affiliates with a tool that allows in a few steps to measure the reliability of individuals and businesses, crossing assets, financial and land registry data. And other operators, no longer startups, thanks to big data are changing their business.
in terms of technology applied to design, Milan contract district has recently developed the More+Space micro-living project.
In practice, it offers turnkey solutions for developers with which to set up apartments between 30 and 50 square meters and increase the living area, thanks to advanced furnishing solutions possible only thanks to the Bim design. To take an example, using movable walls and furnishings that are transformed depending on the time of day, a 30 sq.mt studio apartment actually offers 38 to exploit. “The first concrete example is already under construction, 60 units in the center of Milan, in the Duomo area”, testified Lorenzo Pascucci, creator of Milan ContractDistrict. “In short, now we are not only selling buildings as envelopes, but a set of experiences and services to meet the needs of the public”