A package of products and all-around services aimed at improving coordination with the clients, thus optimising the professional’s work flow.

Management of development and quotation tasks, according to the request specifications.
Products constantly upgraded and directly explained by architects and technicians of District's top brands.
Creation, on behalf of professionals, of a reference book for the requested work complete with images, technical drawings and photographic rendering, so as to be able to offer clients professional and experiential choice of products and finishing solutions.
Efficient and organised coordination in the after-sales stage, as concerns sending materials and laying on site.
Exclusive access to the District facilities (only by appointment and only for clients accompanied by professionals).
Development of electrical and water installation diagrams for the various rooms, according to the furnishing choices.
Optimisation of times and coordination of works at the worksite.
Customisation and management of the clients’ requests.
Assessment, logistic management, handover and onsite laying of the furniture and materials carried out by teams dedicated to worksite operations with equipment, insurance and qualifications pursuant to the law.
Dedicated after-installation tests.
Selective access to the District facilities, a platform capable of offering an all-around assistance for the professional, upon accreditation by MCD.
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