About District
Top-notch home interior and design finishing products come together with a different idea of building a system for the first time. A project founded on the solid Contract System but enhanced to offer a package of unprecedented services built to meet the residential real estate market needs.
Mission &Vision
Mission An exclusive service platform, committed to supporting the main players in the real estate market, Milano Contract District integrates interior design with Real Estate. In the complex construction process, we offer those who buy a new home the opportunity to make their dreams come true, providing companies and investors with quality services that facilitate any request for customization. Vision Innovating the Real Estate world by introducing an immersive design experience in the process of buying and customizing a new home.
Brand partners
Technical partners
The Apartment
"An indoor home" conceived to offer a unique and captivating visit experience. District partners and some technical partners who offered their expertise to create innovative applications and modern furnishing solutions, dimensioned on domestic scale, joined efforts to build a complete, scale 1:1, permanent and constantly developing apartment. MCD's "The Apartment" project won recognition as a concrete and excellent representation of the values outlined by "PSICOLOGIA DELL'ABITARE" whose criteria and processes, when it comes to building and placing a new house in the market, enable improving the psychophysical wellbeing of the future owners and habitants.
District Lounge
The Social core of the space is the perfect meeting ground between Contract District and the Real Estate industry: District Lounge. A more than 250 sqm area ideal for meeting and exchanging ideas. A coffee bar and a living kitchen with cooking show and chef tables make the District Lounge an ideal place for socialising and exchanging ideas. A more than 9 sqm video wall and a meeting room dedicated to follow-up meetings complete the uniqueness of the strategic and business thought at the core of the MCD’s operating style.
B2B strategy lab & Marketing department
Besides the essential quality of the products offered by partners, a founding and distinctive asset of District lies in the fact that we, at MCD, created a true "engine" capable of adding value to a real estate operation at every stage of its development. As a matter of fact, besides the sensational exhibition layout, MCD collaborates with a team of business analysts and professional marketing resources, offering the RE market players advice and guidance aimed at understanding whether, when and how to implement MCD solutions to their innovation and strategy investment options.
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B Ernestomeda
C Listone Giordano Gallery
D Gessi
E Karol
F Lema
G The Apartment
H District Lounge
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I Fontanot
L Cesana
M Florim
N Lualdi
O Listone Giordano
P Administration
Q Lema - Gessi - Cesana, Offices
R Meeting room
Brands at the service of District

Ernestomeda builds top quality, innovative and highly functional designer kitchens. Since 2010, Ernestomeda has been the only contract, in Milan, capable of dedicating a team to studying exclusive solutions for any order and a specific package of services both for operators and end clients, engaged in co-marketing initiatives and activities, at any stage of the worksite operations. 12 international projects, with more than 1000 kitchens ordered, have been activated since 2015.

Technical Partners

Clei can meet the many different needs of living, home furnishings, holiday homes and business residences. The collections, with a high technological content, encompass research, creativity, innovation and engineering that are the guidelines of the company’s philosophy and competitive strategy. The design and patented technology of the products is combined with extreme ease of use: simple movements for more functions and performances/solutions without constraints and compromises.